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Windows XP Application Compatibility Update

Windows XP was designed to permit post-installation improvement via downloadable updates. The Windows XP Application Compatibility Update is a package of software updates that help Windows XP users to expand their application compatibility support—or avoid common issues—with certain applications. Microsoft recommends that you download this compatibility update if you are having problems with any of the programs this update is designed to support.

System Requirements
This update applies to Windows XP (build 2600).

How to use
You don't need to do anything after installing this item.

How to uninstall
  1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Click Windows XP Application Compatibility Update and then click Change/Remove.

This update addresses issues in the following programs (US versions only, unless otherwise noted):

Note This update rolls up and addresses issues included in the previous Windows XP Application Compatibility Updates and is intended to replace them. The list of programs that were addressed in the previous update can be found in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

Q313484 Windows XP Application Compatibility Update - December 17, 2001. (This site is in English.)

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